Tuesday, 24 November, 2020

Hiring Me

Need a developer? I'm a full-stack developer for both Windows and Linux development stacks.


I’m Anthony, the Guy behind Just a Guy Coding. I work freelance, providing design and development services underpinned by C# and PHP.

I have a BSc in Software Engineering from Hull University and 30 years' of experience working with computers. I'm insured, conscientious and am happy to provide references on request.

Client Relationships

I like to get to know my clients and their business, building permanent, mutually beneficial and lasting relationships. I'm always available for a quick chat or to help out in emergencies.


I have lots of experience in various technologies and platforms, you can read the full list up-to-date list at Top of My Field.

Quotes & Pricing

Each project is unique, but as a rule I provide either a fixed price quote or agree a fixed rate (daily, weekly or monthly), and set some mutually agreed milestones before beginning work.

For long term projects and commitments I may suggest a contract, so we have written down itemising project milestones and our commitments to each other.

Services Offered

I provide design and development services for online and offline applications. Often I support clients with their infrastructure, act as technical lead and liaise with junior or outsourced developers.

Project Management

Simply put, I tend to use BaseCamp and Trello. See my post on Project Management for more information.

Design Process

When designing for greenfield sites I produce style tiles - essentially a style guide - to visualise the mood, look and feel of the finished product. See Website Design Techniques - Style Tiles for an example of my style tiles. If necessary this can be followed up by a full Photoshop design, but frankly I usually skip this step unless clients ask for it. Next, I like to produce a mock-up prototype, using tools such as https://moqups.com/ to demonstrate layout out, behaviour and interactions. For large projects I insist on these designs being signed off before progressing to coding.

Getting in Touch

I'm always pleased to speak to prospective clients and offer free no obligation quotations. My contact details can be found in the website's footer below, feel free to reach out when you're ready to talk.